The Tauck Danube River Cruise 2013

I am a retired physician who enjoys travel and photography. Amy and I plan to take our family on a Danube River cruise in 2015 to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. We took the same trip with Tauck in July/August and found this to exceed our expectations. We invite any who might wish to travel with the Barrett Family to reserve by March 2014 on the Tauck Bridges Cruise sailing on June 20, 2015. We plan to stay in a hotel the night preceding and following the cruise to allow a comfortable connection with flights. More information:

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One thought on “The Tauck Danube River Cruise 2013

  1. Jim and Amy, Sue and I enjoyed your blog very much. Thank you for the details with the pictures, we had such a wonderful experience on this trip. We are so ready to take another tour in the near future.

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