Bratislava, SK

Hans Christian Andersen statue with several of his best-loved tales. H.C.Andersen wrote fairy tales that express themes that transcend age and nationality, themes that have become embedded in the West’s collective consciousness. These tales are easily read and understood by children, and present lessons of virtue and resilience in the face of adversity for mature readers as well. Wikipedia

Rear of the statue. We viewed this on a pedestrian mall while on a walking tour of Bratislava.

St. Martin’s Cathedral, the coronation church of the Kingdom of Hungary between 1563 and 1830. The last two Hungarian monarchs underwent coronation at St. Matthias Cathedral, Budapest, 1867 and 1916. Maria Theresa was crowned in Bratislava, 1741.

St. Michael’s Church and Roland Fountain Main Square, Old Town Bratislava. The fountain was commissioned by Maximilian II 1572 to provide a public water supply.

Pedestrian street terminating at St. Michael’s gate. See next picture.

St. Michael’s Gate, the only surviving entrance to the original city wall; built around 1300 AD.

Our walking tour of Bratislava ended with a light snack

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