Pest, HU

Hard Rock Cafe on pedestrian walk behind our hotel

First completed in 1265, the Buda Castle was declared a World Heritage Site in 1987.

St. Matthias Church framed by the Chain Bridge.

St. Matthias Church and Fisherman’s Bastion at night. Rather grainy, I’m afraid.

Chain Bridge entrance from the Pest side, anchored by Széchenyi (formerly Roosevelt) Square, adjacent to the Gresham Palace and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. On the Buda side it leads to the Castle Hill Funicular leading to Buda Castle, a small portion of which may be seen to the right of the bridge.

The Lutheran Church in Budapest. This Classicist church was built in 1799-1808.  Few people know that the adjoining National Lutheran Museum keeps the original will of Martin
Luther from 1542. The church is open during services only, Sun
0900, 1100 and 1800

Heroes Square. It was difficult taking a picture without many tourists – mostly Asian this day.ősök_tere

Museum of Fine Arts, featuring an exhibit of works by Gustav Klimt.

A Spa. At this stage of the trip, a visit would have been welcomed.

The Opera House of Budapest. Statues along the front were of the many famous composers and artists who were associated with this building. It is considered to have the best acoustics in Europe after La Scala, Milan and Palais Garnier in Paris.

The Royal Box decorated with statues representing the four operatic voices: soprano, alto, tenor, bass.

View of the inside of the house. The proscenium arch stage employed a revolving mechanical hydraulic mechanism, advanced for the 1880s.

A mural depicting the nine muses and Greek Gods on Olympus. The bronze chandelier weighs 6,725 pounds.

Here are our intrepid tour leaders and facilitators: Linda, Barbara, Daniel, and Glorija, appropriately in Heroes Square.

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