Prague, CZ

Wenceslas Square: Velvet Revolution 1989

View of Prague from Lobkowicz Palace

View of Prague from Lobkowicz castle

Typical street scene in Old Prague

Entrance to Prague Castle
Started 880 AD; Largest coherent castle complex in the world; Gothic modifications, 14th C.; extensive reconstruction since Velvet Revolution; UNESCO Heritage site.

Entrance into courtyard of Prague Castle; Treasury of St. Vitus Cathedral seen through arch.

Pulpit and Apse, St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

Crucifix, St. Vitus Cathedral

Jan Hus, church reformer, Prague Square

Powder Tower, begun in 1475 and completed in 1757, was once the gateway to the Old City. It’s present name derives from it use to store gunpowder during the 18th C.

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