Viviers and Petanque

Monday, July 15. Pétanque in Viviers.

Viviers, population 3780,èche, is a well preserved Medieval town built on a hill capped by the cathedral. .  The streets are understandably narrow and paved with stones protruding from the surface to allow animals a footing. 

Our local guide resides in a newer part of the town and told of considering the purchase of a house in the old city for $150,000 until she realized that she couldn’t get her refrigerator through the original inalterable front door. There are no cars in the old village, so residents there park out of town and walk to their homes. The school is out of Old Town, apparently an afterthought following the Middle Ages.

There is a great view of village rooftops from the cathedral courtyard.

We were treated to a hydration stop at a Pétanque field where we learned about this gameétanque and watched very accomplished club members demonstrate their skills. Our attempts at the game were not as proficient.

We returned to the ship to prepare for our farewell reception and to pack  for disembarkation tomorrow AM at Lyon.

And, of course, no cruise would be complete without a party!

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