Passau, DE

Our city guide. Note the different color of the water of the Inn River (upper), coming from the Alps, and that of the Danube which originates in the Black Forest of Germany.
Passau is the economic, cultural, and communications centre of south-eastern Bavaria. It has city and state libraries, a municipal theatre, and other cultural institutions.
The guide points to the place where the Ilz River enters the Danube.

This view of the Inn River shows the height of flood waters on June 2, 2013.

The flood of 2013 exceeded previous high water marks at Passau, Germany

St. Stephan’s Cathedral has one of the largest church organs in the world, with 17,974 pipes.

Old town Market Square

Street leading to Market Square

Mariahilfe, one of the monasteries overlooking Passau

A monastery begun in 1499.

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